Welcome to the Napa Cigar Society, a warm and inviting club curated by Napa Valley's finest tobacconist, Napa Cigars! Join our community of passionate cigar enthusiasts and indulge in a world of luxurious experiences featuring our exclusive blends, sophisticated events, rare premium cigars, and preferential pricing on select offerings.

Discover "the Society," our flagship blend, a testament to Napa Cigars' dedication to craftsmanship. Our expert team has meticulously perfected this remarkable single-batch cigar over a year, ensuring it delights every palate, from the novice to the seasoned connoisseur.

Embrace the art of patience, as our exquisite cigars, much like the fine wines of Napa Valley, mature gracefully with age. Each Society blend is introduced with a vintage, allowing members to savor the evolution of their cigars over time. Twice a year, cherish a 10-count box of the current Society vintage and witness the transformation of a single cigar into a timeless treasure.

While two Society boxes per year are requested, the Napa Cigar Society promises so much more. Members enjoy exclusive deals on premium cigars and wine (in-store), as well as access to future Society blends and merchandise. As we eagerly anticipate reconvening for unforgettable events post-Covid, we warmly welcome you to our community.

Join the Napa Cigar Society today, and embark on a truly welcoming and delightful cigar journey!




No Commitment Necessary: Cancel Any Time, For Any Reason

We offer a hassle-free cancellation policy - you can cancel your membership anytime, for any reason. Since, our subscriptions are billed once, or twice a year. It makes cancellation that easy.